Saturday, December 02, 2006

Reindeer galore!

Here are all my reindeer images- together for the first time in one place- (See LalaDex Press lovely reindeer too!) It has been suggested that reindeer are part of the holiday story, not just because they live in the north pole(?) but because they eat the red and white (amanita) very poisonous to humans, but halucinocenic mushrooms that grow under pine trees. Then as unappetizing as it sounds- the Shaman- dressed in a red and white robe - drinks the reindeer piss, in this form it has been rid of poison, but still retains the hallucinogen. Then reindeer and Shaman go flying! Well anyway that's one story for you..... I kind of like it, as it ties in the pine tree, reindeer, red and white of the season, and cooperation between nature and humans. Of course some say coca-cola put santa in a red and white suit- not quite as lovely a tale, I'd say! Anyway tomorrow I'll share some images of the poisonous and oft-seen amanita muscaria mushroom! Let me know if you have some too, and I'll attempt to link your images!