Tuesday, February 20, 2007

i'm back...

okay- well I've been here, but not online. For Valentine's Day R and I went to Breitenbush Hotsprings about an hour and a half east of here- Sitting in hot tubs while the cool rain comes down, ideal! Lots of tubs by a raging creek, vegetarian meals (means not having to ask if the stock used in the soup is a meat stock, or asking for no bacon on your green salad!). There is also a great steamy sauna house, and if you choose you can stay overnight in their little cabins in the woods (we didn't stay). They have this awesome round cob building with neat rounded windows in it. just beautiful.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

valentine's day!!

As you all know... my birthday is the day after valentine's day, which is why I think I've always loved valentine's day as a holiday. It's like a two day holiday for love and me, or love OF me!! I'm not one of those unfortunate people who have their birthdays near Christmas and end up getting "joint" presents- one present. For me growing up, I had heart-themed parties: heart-shaped cakes and red plates and pink and red hearted napkins- what could be better for a little girl? And now- well maybe it hasn't changed much- just the quality of chocolate has gotten better!! The saddest birthday in my adult life was one where I took the day off of work (as I usually do), but no one else did, so I spent the day by myself. But to make things happy for me I decorated the whole house in cut out paper hearts and crepe paper streamers!! It turned out happy after all. So Happy Valentine's Everybody-and Happy My Birthday to you too!!!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

From Martha Stewart February 2005

I think these little potholders are adorable- I would like to think that I will make them.... we'll see. Also look at that little strawberry pincusion, isn't that the cutest!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

stuffed and smelly

These images may look familiar.... I used my silkscreens and blockprints and printed them on muslin, sewed them up then stuffed them with batting and lavender. I think they would make cute tags for a package-you can write on the back- and then they could be used as a sachet to make your clothes smell good. I plan to make many more, and print matching wrapping paper. I think it would be so cute all wrapped up together... I put individual pictures of each one on my flickr site, if you are interested.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

congratulations to Katie

My friend from high school just had her first baby, a boy!- she sent me a picture of the nursery. She has a blockprint hanging that she bought from me. I think it looks quite nice! It's neat to think that her baby's memories will include images that I created- does that make sense?