Sunday, April 29, 2007


HI everyone- just a summary of what is and has been going on -cousin's wedding next weekend- yeah for Allison! -NY stationery show preparations- so many ideas I just am taking so much more than I was planning- giving myself more work! -my mom had her cancer move to her hip (from breast cancer 13 years ago)- so any well wishes/prayers/loving thoughts that can be sent her way is greatly appreciated! -with my mom in pain it means Eli (best friend) is (hopefully) going to the NY show to help me for a couple of days...thank you, EL!! -oh yeah, then my wonderful rep in CA needed any new holiday cards because she had some accounts requesting holiday (holiday!) ordering- so of course I came up with a bunch of winter/xmas cards in a matter of days. -now six hundred dollars of wholesale orders supposed to go out on tuesday and I have barely started them.... WHEW!!!! Here are a couple of pics of new cards and my booth- I set up the whole thing in my studio so I will be somewhat organized! Is anyone out there going to be at the show? Wanna meet up? email me! back to work----take care everyone!! xox

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

More and More!

I silkscreened a couple more fabrics today- Shona-I haven't forgotten that I am overdue with your fabric. In truth, the excuse I have is not because I have been busy - though I have- nor that it was Easter/my mom's birthday: My real excuse is that I was waiting for this awesome hemp/cotton muslin to arrive in the mail from Dharma Trading! It has such a great texture- I think you will love it as I do (when you finally do get it)! For those of you who are NOT Shona- Shona of LaLa Dex Press and I are going to do a project together- so stay tuned!! I have mentioned that I am doing the National Stationery Show in May ?- well I am getting stressed now- luckily my mom is coming down from WA to help me- When I get stressed I don't really seem like it, except sometimes- like now- I get a rash on my face- it's hideous- like elephant girl. R is nice enough to tell me that I'm still pretty and you can't really notice it but uugh (I think his eyesight is going...) anyway good thing I'm too busy to go anywhere!! Good news is I am getting alot done and the rash clears up within a couple of days!! Hope you all are well-

Monday, April 02, 2007

My busy weekend

I did a ton of printing and sewing this weekend! Also did more to get my booth ready for The National Stationery Show. I decided to organize my booth by seasons- as that's how I think of the art as I make it- of course lots of things cross over- but if a pommegranate is ripe in the winter time shoudn't it be under the winter category- of course! I printed in greys this weekend- I learned that it's easiest to print by color, I know, it seems obvious, but I didn't always do it that way. OH and check out the first button I ever "made" - Probably most people know about the little blank buttons you buy at the yardage shop, then cover with your own fabric- but this was my first time. I really think it's cute- I used the center of one of my sunflower fabric prints so it looks polkadotted- It's very exciting- you should try it! I am drawn to cups lately- and so I seem to see them everywhere- check out these cups from artist Anji Allen and also the great coffee cup from A Little Hut. I took a picture envisioning my cup fabric as an apron, and I made ONE coaster- since it wasn't real "work" I couldn't take the time to make more.... I am a very difficult boss!! You can look on my flickr page for more pics! Better get back to work befor I get fired!