Wednesday, May 30, 2007

reporting back

Pic on left is looking down my aisle- aisles and aisles and aisles of booths- I didn't nearly get through it all. Pic on right is me on the last day- (notice my apron I made for the show, and the great table my friend Gustav made) Let's see.... the NSS was great- lots of great orders (inc. Gump's in SF, Soolip S.CA, Bibelot and an order from Berlin to name a few) then there were a few magazines and catalogs who want samples and press kits (I'll tell you who when I make it in them!) then sooo many requests for catalogs (Kate's Papery, Rare Device, and oh so many more). Very exciting. People were extremely nice and positive and supportive and just plain great! So these are some tips I will pass on (I'm not an expert after one time, but..... just sharing) Tip 1: Be nice to every person who comes near/in your booth, you never know where they are from, even if they are also wearing an "exhibitor" badge. ( it creates a happy and cheerful atmosphere plus some exhibitors are also shop owners) Tip 2: Don't be afraid of someone stealing your great ideas- if they will, then they will. It's the chance you take when you put yourself out there. (plus that greedy feeling and attitude carries a bad vibe). Tip 3: Set up your booth ahead of time- really helps in being organised when it comes time to set up your booth for real, plus if you are by yourself setting up, as I was, it helps you be done in time! Tip 4: I think it helps to have more than just stationery. I know it is the Stationery Show, but in my case I know that having more than just cards really helped my sales. Also- lots of people asked for "sets" (which I had- sets of 6). well, maybe that's all for now. oh one more thing- I just want to thank the lovely Caroline for helping me for 3 days at the show- nice, fun and cute! Also Tina for helping me and allowing me to stay at her apt. You are so gracious and I demand that you come stay at our place now! Next time I will share some links to some great folks I talked to at the show!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

just a word...

I don't have any pictures to share at the moment, as I am still in NYC. I just wanted to thank all the well-wishers and all the people who were so encouraging about the Stationery Show before, during and now! The show was amazing and I am so excited and grateful for all the opportunities that came my way. I'll write more and share pictures later. Thank You ALL!!!!!!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

HI hope you have a great day! We will be spending the day with my mom and R's mom and some other family- on a picnic, if the weather is sunny. This is a little watercolor I painted for my mom. Happy Day.