Tuesday, August 14, 2007

a bag for Kristin

a bag for Kristin Originally uploaded by kleja
Look at this amazingly beautiful bag that KLEJA made. (yes that's a bit of my fabric!) You really must look at her etsy shop- she does amazing work. I'm not kidding- look now! www.kleja.etsy.com

Saturday, August 04, 2007


yeah- the awesome Kleja- of the beautiful (previously mentioned) handbags has purchased the bird fabric! Can't wait to see what she does with it! By the way- follow the above link to see some of her really cool greeting cards.

i love cake

Well yes I do love cake, but this time I'm talking about the band CAKE- look at this from their web site- so funny- reminds me of some of the funny signs that Shona, from LalaDex Press has put on her blog . You may ask why I have time to look at other peoples' blogs and websites, and the truthful answer is I don't and I better go. Rick is coming back from visiting our friend, Court, in Hong Kong, so I have to go pick him up in Canada (flights to HK are much cheaper from there). And yes still tons of orders and WAAAY behind. but as Eliana says "poco a poco se abre un coco" "little by little you open a coconut"....hahahaha I put some blockprinted cloth on my etsy site- will someone please buy it ? I need help paying my mortgage! take care everyone....