Sunday, December 23, 2007

Happy Holidays everyone!

a little glimpse into our house this christmas. a paper star light, my little mushroom on our tree and one of my favorite objects... the foxes holding a candle- notice their little jackets. Hope you have a wonderful holiday! I was thinking of a title for this posting like "put the sol back in solstice" or maybe "put the ice back in solstice".... but I just settled for the good ol' "happy holidays" figuring that would cover it all!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

a spare moment?

okay, here I am in a spare moment- ha, ha just when I think it will slow down it doesn't - so this is a stolen moment! I am currently printing cards for an Anthropologie order!! I really love Anthropologie, and probably have every catalog they have mailed me for the past 4 years- sounds crazy eh? but they are soooo beautiful! I can't really afford their clothes... but I love to look nonetheless- anyway my uniform for working here in the studio is overalls! how about this--- if you have a "uniform" for work, whether official or not send me a picture- This is a picture of the cards slated for Anthro. (oh and they have to be sent out by xmas eve day!!)- nothing like a little pressure to liven things up!)