Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

I love Valentine's Day- Hope you have a good one too! We are going to pick up some native plants from a native plant sale and plant a little thicket at the bend in our driveway. Of course they are just little twigs at this point, but time goes so fast they'll be big very soon. Anyway, very romantic, eh? Well tomorrow, the 15th, is my birthday. I just think it's my duty to tell everyone! I love my bday too, don't know why some people don't- I'm happy to be here and after all, from the day we were born we are getting older, and then what? just a big adventure, for better or worse it's still interesting. I found a great book called The Yoga Facelift- some really great exercises for the facial muscles, and really seems to work!

Friday, February 01, 2008


SO- a group of artist/business women (though men could join if they wanted to...) and I have been meeting once a month to talk about business and art and how to do them together. Our topic for next meeting is our goals for our business. it's a hard one, for me anyway...I know some people go into a business with a "business plan" which I'm sure is a good idea, but my plan was just to stay home, send my art out, and make some money doing it.... Well, I guess I should be happy because that is what I have done so far, but I would like to make it (my business) bigger, and make a bit more money at it (health insurance would be nice, and so would savings!) so I am coming up with new goals for my business and my art. 1. To buy a printing press- don't know what kind (old letterpress with a motor), but it's time I gave my body a rest and joined the 18th century (haha). 2. Find someone to silkscreen my fabrics for a reasonable price! 3. Find a small, local seamstress shop to sew new, fun things at a reasonable price! ( i like to sew, but not dozens of multiples.) 4. Be more of "the designer" than "the manufacturer". I love to carve blockprints and sew the first of something, but that is enough, let the manufacturing pros handle the manufacturing. 5. Expand my line- pillows and other homewares, wrapping paper, notebooks etc. more bags- I love bags 6. Work on more of my bigger pieces- have gallery shows again. 7. More promotion. Anyway, that is it for now, if anyone has any ideas on these goals of mine, feel free to chime in!! oh- I just included the picture so it wouldn't be all words-