Friday, May 16, 2008


I read about this new carving material- it's linoleum, but softer, so I thought I'd give it a try.... The one I tried is unmounted, but they also have mounted. It WAS easier to carve than the usual linoeum, but I still like the "safetykut" (in the bottom photo) for saving the wrists and for ease of printing on fabric.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Crafty Wonderland Report

So this is my tiny space at the Crafty Wonderland show in Portland. I actually kind of liked the 4x4 space, it makes set up and take down quick and easy, but it was a challenge figuring out what to take and where to put it. My mom came with me (it was mothers day!) and so we had 2 chairs, as you can see behind the panel- then I had the little round table, and the standing panel. The gal next to me was so lovely, her name is Diana from Moss, she sells patterns for the crocheted sumo wrestlers that you may have seen. She also had some adorable ninja cats. It's hard at a craft show NOT to spend all your profits on all the wonderful things that the other vendors have to offer. If you are considering doing this show, I would highly reccomend it. There were a steady stream of customers, and sales were good. And it's only $35, so you actually can make a profit! It does look a little darker than it was, yes it is in the basement, but the basement of a very cool bar/restaurant. And of course, the folks (stitch&destroy) that put the event on couldn't be lovlier!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


owl Originally uploaded by kristinloganbill
They have a home in the top of our barn-isn't he adorable. So now the animals who have been visiting our place are: fox, deer, beaver, elk, owl and bats of course and they are all welcome!

Friday, May 09, 2008

amazing art!

Check this out- so amazing! this is her website Her name is Kathleen Lolley, she has such beautiful work. Owls and girls in red capes, and magical trees. so beautiful! she seems to have most of her work on flickr I just love it!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Crafty Wonderland Sunday!

crafty wonderland Originally uploaded by kristinloganbill
I'm doing the Crafty Wonderland show at the Doug Fir Lounge in Portland, Oregon this sunday May 11th. If you come by and see me and say you know me from my blog I'll have a special treat for you!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Little Red Love

I was trying not to get swayed by "little red riding hood" mania, but who can't love her? I may have to do my own print of her, but for now look at these adorable reds. (teapot annejulie's etsy shop, then 2 cute stamps from milkcaramel corrabelle and a print from the etsy shop danita)

Monday, May 05, 2008

Blockprinting on Fabric

I don't talk about it much, but blockprinting on fabric is pretty hard. I have been trying different methods of printing on fabric for years, and attempting to find "the secret" by scouring the net and the libraries. What ink is best? What printing material is best? What fabric is best? Does anyone know?

Here are a few blockprinters to check out and see what you think.

-Galbraith and Paul how in the world do they do such huge runs of fabric? and what the heck are they using for their block print? -Make It she talks about this difficult subject extensively on her wonderful blog-and has some beautiful examples.

-Tobias and the angel in england, does india style wood block printing on vintage fabrics (among other things) -Jesse Breytenbach-does beautiful blockprinting on fabric tape. (I think you mentioned her, Kylie, a few posts back) -Folly Cove Designers from the 50's I think- I have studied the website at length to see how they get such clean designs, I saw an old article that shows them stepping on linoleum (without the block attached), but now I guess the descendants use a giant press. -Art Goodies It seems that she does single images on cloth with a press, but definately worth looking at (beautiful). -Elle Deco mag did a nice little write-up on blockprinting last dec. with some helpful tidbits.

so this is what I do- I use screenprinting ink and with a little sponge brush I tap the ink onto my blocks (rubber carved blocks) I use linen, or hemp, or cotton on a hard surface (though I have read about using a soft surface, it may depend on the hardness of your block...) and I push, don't rock, the block onto the fabric, and there you have it my "secret" until I can figure out something that works better-- and can print a bigger area at a time!

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Another New Something...

no (eliana), not a baby...haha

Like many of us I don't have nearly enough projects going on at once, so I started another one. In a flurry of enthusiasm yesterday I started a new blog (even though I don't keep up on this one!), also a new flckr page and a new etsy shop!

WHY? you well may ask.... It all started with an art giveaway- I wanted to work more on my non-retail, non-functional art and not have money attached to it so I gave the art to the first 2 people that contacted me (Kleya and Kylie.) So then I guess I was inspired and wanted to do more of that type of work, but add the money back in, but not to be part of Moontea.

I don't know why I had the need to name it something else, and why not my own name? I just don't know, maybe it's safer not to use your own name. I'm calling my art project lily aimes (after my grandma) and what I intend to do is choose a subject each month and do art based on that subject. So the blog records what I am doing and what my topic is.

So this month's theme is SPRING- because maybe it is finally here... So the art of course will be garden related.

I'm using the backs of old countertop samples to paint/print on they're great because they already have a hanging hole, plus we have a ton of them because I could never bring myself to throw them out after they were outdated (R. did countertops for many years). I think the work is different than what I usually do for Moontea, which is usually bold color on a light background, this new stuff is more muted and has the look of old wallpaper (in a good way). You always hear how you should "develop your own style...etc." but if most artists are like me there are many different "styles" playing around inside them.

Anyway let me know what you think.......