Sunday, September 14, 2008

Things to occupy the brain while working.....

Lots of text- but very helpful-REALLY! Here are some links to things I like to listen to or watch while working. Sometimes being a little factory worker here takes it's toll on the brain, so if I listen to some "great book" or a talk about quantum physics it makes me feel not quite so brain dead!

  • -Librivox - free- books in the public domain read by volunteers (warning: some readers are terrible- bless their hearts!)- of course listen to all the Jane Austen!
  • -Ted- free-some interesting talks on science and design and other things- make sure to listen to the talk on mushrooms by Paul Stamets- amazing!
  • -Conscious Media Network- free, but you can become a member I guess for more access and to support them- interviews with interesting foldks on religion and space aliens and alternative health etc- it's good to keep an open mind when listening- some things I've never even considered! I love physicist Michu Kaku's talk on space and time and other dimensions.
  • -New Dimensions Radio- same kinda thing as above- perhaps more tame- and the interviewers can be a little too talky, but....
be sure to catch the talks with Bruce Lipton about the role (or lack of role) genes have in determining our future health and well-being.
  • -Pandora Radio- punch in a song you like and Pandora finds other songs that have some of the same elements.
that's all I've got for now- here's a picture of my latest works- yes valentines day is right around the corner! (yes I am joking just a bit- but stores order EARLY!)